We have limited edition prints by Jessicka Addams, Julia Marchand, Susan Siegel, Aaron Smith and Brad Woodfin, along with other exclusive and hard to find items, available in our online store now.

After several years offering one-on-one artist consultations and lecturing at art schools across the country, Sloan Fine Art owner/director Alix Sloan has distilled her expertise into "Launching Your Art Career: A Practical Guide for Artists," a handbook to help artists get started, navigate, and succeed in the art world. This easy to read, affordable resource is available now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and and other retailers. Visit Alix's personal web site for more information about the book or artist consultations.


Alix Sloan and Drew Fitzpatrick are co-curating the passion project, "My Blood Runs Yellow: A Tribute to Giallos" with works by Aaron Smith, Barnaby Whitfield, Casey Weldon, Eric Finzi, Jacyln Dooner, Jean-Pierre Roy, Jessicka Addams, John Jacobsmeyer, Jonathan Viner, Kristen Schiele, Marco Mazzoni, Owen Smith, Peter Drake, Valerie Pobjoy. The exhibition opens July 9th at Project Gallery in LA and runs through the 30th. Visit the upcoming page of this web site for more information.


Alix Sloan and Aaron Smith will be co-curating the group show, "Instinctual Drift," at Heron Arts in San Francisco. The exhibition is one night only, November 5th, from 6 to 9pm and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Movember Foundation. Visit the upcoming page of this web site for more information.